AUA's Residency Education & Preparation program is designed to assist IMGs with their application for U.S. residency. The program is not simply a prep-course, but an opportunity for IMGs to access education and expertise which can improve their chance at getting a residency.

If you have not passed the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) Step 1, you are required to begin the Residency Education & Preparation (REP) program by attending the Basic Sciences Integrated Course (BSIC) on the AUA campus in Antigua.  This course is designed to synthesize, integrate, and reinforce what you have learned during Basic Sciences. 

While on campus, you will attend ten weeks of classroom instruction and have full access to all study resources available to AUA students, including one-to-one academic advising services in our Education Enhancement Department and all Step 1 preparatory materials. After which, you will complete three weeks of self-study and take the NBME Comprehensive Basic Science Self-Assessment, which is designed to test your readiness for Step 1. After successfully passing this exam, AUA will sponsor you to sit for Step 1.

All students who have already passed Step 1 or who pass  after completion of  the REP program in Antigua will meet with AUA’s Executive Dean of Clinical Sciences for a consultation on residency programs and licensure in the U.S. They will then meet one-on-one with the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs to discuss which elective rotations and which clinical sites are best suited to their career goals.

Your elective rotations will last 12 weeks and take place at one or more of our selected affiliated teaching hospitals located across the United States. They will give you the opportunity to interact with residency directors and demonstrate how well you perform in a hospital setting. Throughout your rotations and after you complete them, you'll have access to advising services from our AUA's clinical education department and to learning resources designed to prepare you for the USMLE Step 2. Additionally, you'll have access to special residency advising services so that, once you pass Step 2, you'll be able to apply to residency programs in the most efficient and effective manner.

At the end of the REP program you will receive a Certificate of Completion indicating that you successfully completed the BSIC and your elective rotations, and passed Steps 1 and 2 of the USMLE. Most importantly, you will be eligible to apply for residencies in the United States. AUA will assist you during the residency processes.