• Tuition for the Basic Sciences Integration Course is $25,000.00 USD.
  • Tuition for 12 weeks of clinical rotations is $25,000.00 USD.
  • While you complete the BSIC, you will live in housing arranged by Grenville Realty. Housing fee is NOT covered by the BSIC tuition fee.
  • Exam fees will be the same as they would for full-time AUA students; 
    • Payable to AUA:
      • $150.00 USD per comprehensive exam. 
    • Payable to ECFMG:
      • $75.00 USD Step 1 application fee,
      • $910.00 USD Step 1 sitting fee,
      • $910.00 USD Step 2 clinical knowledge sitting fee,
      • $1,565.00 USD Step 2 clinical skills sitting fee.

Medical Insurance:

Throughout enrollment, you must either submit proof of your own medical insurance coverage or AUA will arrange medical insurance through United Healthcare for you at a cost.


While you complete the BSIC, you must live in housing arranged by AUA through a third-party servicer, Grenville Realty. Student housing, a refundable damages deposit, transportation fees, and utilities will be billed by and will be payable to Grenville Realty. 

While in clinical rotations, students are responsible for their own housing arrangements and fees.